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Collegetown Terrace Yogi’s

Grab your 5 class pass - $40

Join us Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 6:30 PM in the yoga studio located on the ground floor of 809 E. State Street.


Celebrate YOU with Yoga!

What better way to celebrate life than with yoga?

Book a private group yoga class for your event
and let the positive vibes roll in.

$70 for 1 - 3 people

$150 for 4 or more

For groups of 10+ please contact us at events@indigoskyyogacollective.com



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Meet the Indigo Sky Yoga Collective

We are passionate about creating accessible exploratory yoga experiences
and sharing our love for yoga, life and the Finger Lakes.

We are a diverse collective of yoga teachers

offering fun, accessible yoga experiences that connect people to each other.

Let us take you on a journey through the Finger Lakes

as you explore unique local businesses, talents and spaces through the lens of yoga.

Together we’ll build a stronger community

of people who are interested in finding more mindful connections, taking the concepts of yoga off the mat and into their lives.

We believe everyone deserves yoga

no matter who you are and what you do. Yoga has made such a big impact in all of our lives, that’s why we’re here and why we’ve invested in our Community Stewards program, which enables the community to pay-it-forward and share yoga.


Your Yogi Guides


Erica Shockley, Co-Founder & Yoga Instructor

Being present through curiosity, compassion, and creativity is what calls Erica to her yoga practice. Her pathway into yoga came during a time when she needed to reclaim balance amongst her mind, body, and spirit. She believes yoga offers empowerment and self-realization to everyone, no matter where they are on their personal journey. 


Tisa Fontaine Hill, Co-Founder & Yoga Instructor

Tisa practices yoga for strength and flexibility - both physically and emotionally. While Tisa sometimes struggles to find balance; there are those moments where yoga just is, almost effortless. In this way, she finds yoga to be a reflection of life. She teaches to share this exploration and joy with others.


Tuesday Hagiwara, Co-Founder & Yoga Instructor

Cat lady, Dog lady, Human lady. Tuesday creates energizing rhythmic flows that leave you feeling uplifted. Be ready to move, breathe and maybe even smile. She is an RYT 200 hr Vinyasa teacher who takes inspiration from many styles. In her spare time you can find her drinking wine, gardening, admiring flowers and being silly.


Maura Cody, Co-Founder & Yoga Instructor

Maura (RYT 200 Sivananda, RYT 200 Mighty Yoga) fell in love with yoga over a decade ago, and has been practicing and teaching ever since. In her classes, she aims to bring students stability and stretch, a balance between stillness and motion, and a connection to breath. Along with yoga, Maura's passions include running, hiking, learning new artistic pursuits (she recently took two glassblowing classes), and traveling.